Given, borrowed, stolen. 22 short manifestos
Client: Sans Vase
Worked together with: Mats Omland
A collection of manifest edited, designed and printed by me and Mats. 60 books and a poster of a sword. Here is the introduction of the book:

The manifest is a tool for working that can give certain guidelines and restrictions in the process that will make the outcome sharper, more rigorous and consistent. It can also restrict and limit the process.

The manifest is a two edged sword.

The days of the classic manifest are over. We propose an attitude that includes manifests as working tools in a process. They can be applied for a short amount of time or to a certain project. The manifestos can be given, borrowed and stolen and serve in a manner that each individual or group find appropriate.

The content of this publication is given, borrowed and stolen from friends, colleagues and the Internet. Use it as you please.

Given, borrowed, stolen. 22 short manifestos